Prolong EjaculationHow To Prolong Ejaculation

How to Prolong Ejaculation

How to prolong ejaculation has been a vexing question for many men and couples in modern-day society.  But the historical record also reveals that prolonging ejaculation has been a subject of interest in many societies.  Both Eastern and Western civilizations have produced literature, and claimed solutions and techniques to prolong the act of lovemaking.  From India and Japan to the nations of the West, how to prolong ejaculation has been the subject of science and folklore.

How to Prolong Ejaculation: What is premature ejaculation?

How to prolong ejaculation, more precisely, is really about how to delay ejaculation.  Statistics vary, but the literature reveals that about thirty-percent of all men under the age of forty experience premature ejaculation (PE) during some point in their lives. Premature ejaculation may be subjective, and the definition may vary, depending on factors such as cultural and individual norms, as well as other mitigating factors during sexual intercourse.   An important point to keep in mind is the normal time it takes for each partner to reach climax, or orgasm during sexual intercourse.  If one partner’s normal time to reach climax is forty minutes, and his or her lover orgasms in approximately the same time, an ejaculation after twenty minutes of intimacy may be seen as premature.  However, most clinicians would hesitate before calling this a clinical sign or symptom.  Most experts agree, in fact, that there are no proven diagnostic tests for premature ejaculation.  In their assessments, most clinicians will first look at causative factors that may explain PE, such as erectile dysfunction (ED) and psychological or emotional history.

How to prolong ejaculation: Medical solutions

How to prolong ejaculation, according to existing medical literature on the subject, starts with an understanding of PE—that there are categories of this condition—and that it may be defined as acute or chronic.  There are two types of PE—primary and secondary.  Primary PE normally begins during the early years after the commencement of puberty.  Secondary PE generally occurs later in the person’s life, during the period of time, after which he is able to report an acceptable length of time between initial erection and climax during a sexual encounter.  Clinically, secondary PE usually indicates aggravating factors that are psychological, although, in rare cases, the condition may be traced to psychotropic drugs, in which case the symptom may eventually go away once the drug is discontinued.  The various treatments for PE may include sexual therapy, the squeeze technique, topical anesthetic creams, medications and cognitive behavioral therapy.   Some antidepressants have the side effect of delaying ejaculation by reducing libido.  Before beginning any treatment with medications, however, one should consult with his doctor.  The question of how to prolong ejaculation during sexual intercourse has also been addressed by practitioners of traditional or holistic medicine.  But, alternatives to medical treatment of ED and PE have also been prescribed by experts and practitioners of ayurvedic medicine, a system of traditional medicine native to India; as well as local medicine men or traditional healers in many societies around the world.

How to prolong ejaculation: The natural option

How to prolong ejaculation during sexual intercourse has been a challenge confronted by those who would prefer a more naturopathic solution.  Solutions such as diet and exercise, as well as a reduction of stress have been part of the prescribed.  Remedies, which include specific changes to diet according to the aryuvedic tradition, herbs, yoga exercises, and massage are part of the volumes of corrective approaches to PE.